Vanguard Voyager

We started out in 2015 with the idea to take todays travelers with us on our adventures and share our experiences.

A website/blog aimed to take you away from mass-produced content with a million different opinions on a thousand platforms. A place where everyone has the same picture, at the same location. Since then we have been trying to show the magic of the places we visit, often wandering off the beaten path with tips for savvy backpackers and other times indulging in the more luxurious moments of life.

We share our moments with you in the hopes that we will inspire you to explore the world in all its glory.

We don’t discriminate by popularity (some tourist favorites are well-loved for a reason), but we also find those unique discoveries that make travelers feel like locals. To keep it real we only use original photography and unfettered first-hand opinions. We report on our experience and if we didn’t see it ourselves we say so.

Owner and Founder: Ali Rabbani

Senior Editor: Samuele Premi

We are always looking for Co-Voyagers who would like to accompany us on our journey around the world. So if you are interested – drop a line.



We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list.

Bon Voyage!