Kitchen Cowboys - Cape Town
Kitchen Cowboys – Cape Town

Getting to the meat of the matter with the Kitchen Cowboys.

These people make artisanal sandwiches that have “manly” written all over them. The juicy slices of Aged Chalmar Rump Steak on freshly baked sourdough ciabatta, spicy Dijon and their home-made onion marmalade could just change your life. But “no meat” is not an option. Some choices include a fantastic a Chalmar Cheeseburger, a Grilled Pork Belly Sandwich with Home Smoked Habanero BBQ Sauce and ridiculous BBQ Spare Ribs.

Of the choices at Neighbourgoods Market, we wanted to taste this one so badly we really rushed with the photos, so sorry bout that. They looked even tastier in real life. One of the most important thing to remember when making a sandwich is to choose the perfect condiments and trimmings and keep it simple. These sandwiches have the perfect combination of no more than 2 condiments and just enough greenery to make it fresh and crunchy but not so much that it feels like a salad.

Verdict: The sandwiches at Kitchen Cowboys are a great choice for meat-lovers perusing the Neighbourgoods Market. Nomnomnom…

At the Neighbourgoods Market – Click here

The Old Biscuit Mill,
373 Albert Road, Cape Town
7915, South Africa

Every Saturday 9:00 – 14:00


The Kitchen Cowboys Canteen – Click here
20-22 Brickfield Road
Woodstock, Cape Town
Western Cape

Lunch from Monday to Friday
Rent the space out for a private dinner