Mother Shucker - Cape Town

Living it up at Mother Shucker Oysters

Ah, the high life. What could be more decadent than slurping oysters with a choice of several condiments? Not much really. This place has no allures though, capsuling the Cape Town feel: The high life in casual clothing. Alongside the Oysters, the stand serves bubbly, most likely a local sparkling wine from the Western Cape region.

We stood alongside college kids and young hipster-professionals with ironic T-shirts and intricately styled bed-head hairdos. We topped our two dozen oysters with hot sauce and/or lemon juice the occasional twist of pepper was also not amiss. It was divine and perhaps this is the best way to eat an oyster, standing up, from a slippery wooden cutting board with a handful of bubbly to weash them down.

I certainly plan to eat them this way for the rest of my days.


Verdict: Scrumptious and a real treat. Oyster-lovers will revel in Mother Shucker Oysters high quality and fun approach.


Here is their Facebook page
You will only find them at the Neighbourgoods Market

The Old Biscuit Mill
373 Albert Road, Cape Town
7915, South Africa

Every Saturday 9:00 – 14:00