1010 Lunchtime in Vienna

As i was looking for a place to eat while shopping in the first district i remembered that a friend recommended the restaurant Labstelle to me. So a quick five minute walk later i am sitting down for their business lunch menu.

The restaurant itself is open and airy with its minimalistic design and with its outdoor patio you can even enjoy your lunch outside. They offer private dining for meeting or parties and are open till 2:00 AM so if their lunch is that good i am sure that dinner is just as pleasant. The waiter picked up our order in a swift and friendly fashion which shows again that your restaurant rises and falls with the abilities of your staff.

Green Salad with Wild Herb Dressing and Braised Rabbits Leg where on the lunch menu that day. Additionally i ordered the famous fig with prosciutto, nuts and bacon-paste which was absolutely delightful. I washed it all down with the homemade Basil Lemonade. All in all the whole bill was 20 bucks which is next to nothing for the high quality and taste of the dishes.

I will be back!


Lugeck 6, 1010 Vienna
00431 236 21 22
Mo–Fr 11.30–02.00
Sa 10.00–02.00
IMPORTANT! Kitchen open from 12.00–14.30
and 18.00–23.00

Sundays Closed!