Inner Peace

A ferry ride away from the mainland the island of Ischia welcomes its travelers. A beautiful tiny island and because it is so small I left the car on the parking lot of the ferry harbor in Naples. The ride is only about an hour away and afterwards a quick cab ride took me to Mezzatorre Resort & Spa. A haven for all those looking for a perfect getaway. To make it short – I loved every moment of it and it was worth every penny. From the secluded pool heated by thermal water and the steep stairs down to the ocean to the delectable breakfast or dinner menu – from the clean white/cream-colored interior of the rooms to the ETRO towels & toiletries everything invited me to relax and let everything else go.

The discreet design of the hotel interior with its nuances based on the mediterranean and african culture caught my eyes for a second but never forced me to acknowledge its existence. Everything is there for me if I want it but nothing is a must.

Nestled into a private bay and surrounded by a small forest it feels like stepping away from the rest of the world and because of that this might have been one of my most relaxing stays ever.


Things to know:

The road up is pretty steep and difficult for cars to get through…I really recommend to leave you car in Naples. Parking fees are acceptable as far as i remember.

Ischia is a beautiful island and well worth the visit but for me it was all about the relaxation so I didn’t get to see a lot but there is always a second time.

Some of the rooms (like ours) didn’t have a balcony which you might wanna think about because some are almost right above the ocean it’s mesmerizing.

I didn’t get to visit the Spa area that i heard so much about but will hopefully check it out next time I am there.


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Mezzatorre Resort & Spa

Mezzatorre, 23, 80075 Forio d’Ischia NA, Italien