It is indeed all about the meat

Right across one of our favorite Pho restaurants – Nguyen this little Pastrami shack opened up. This means that the Lerchenfelderstrasse which is not really famous for its culinary diversity and quality is turning into a haven for food lovers. Pastrami Baby’s focus is the famous Romanian sandwich even though they do have a variety of other dishes from Beef Tartare to Ratatouille but to be honest visits a restaurant that is named Pastrami Baby to eat veggies.

Here is the gist: The sandwich is filled with loads and loads of juicy meat slices (the way it is supposed to be) topped either in the classic way with a dollop of mustard or in the case of my favorite version – The Reuben sandwich – with remoulade sauce, white cabbage and melted cheese. This version gives it a bit of variety and lets the taste buds tingle. All in all a wonderful entry into the Viennese Food Scenery and hopefully opened to the hungry meat lovers for years to come.

The place itself is designed to be comfortable enough to stay for a meal but I wouldn’t linger for a couple of beers or so. Just like Japanese Ramen shops – the theme is come in, eat, be happy, leave – repeat. Which I, for one will do.


Click Pastrami Baby

Lerchenfelderstrasse 51
1070 Vienna

Mo-Sa 11:00 – 22:00

no reservations possible