Love in my tummy

On of one the major shopping streets in Hamburg and settled on the back shopping passage of the Park Hyatt Hotel this Austro German Restaurant invites their clientele to take a seat and relax. The cute Austrian design is part of the whole interior which ranges from cow bells on the ceiling, stuffed toy bunnies on the walls (no hunting here) and a three-dimensional picture of the Lechthaler Alpen. Still I never had the feeling of being overwhelmed with the interior, it’s more of a wink and a smile feature. The main star is and always should be the food.


We started out with a Lobster Salad (Avocados cream, Sweet Mangos, Pak Choi, Topinambur) fresh and very light the perfect entrée if your main dish is heavy. We move along with brisk pace to my personal star of the meal the Beef Tatar with truffles. I have eaten a lot of Tatar in my life but this one is/was one of the best I have ever had. I didn’t even expect it to be. A perfect balance of fat to meat (Beef/Ox Tatar), the right touch of herbs and spices, and the thin layer of autumn truffles blended in to a perfect concoction.


Our main course were the braised beef cheeks in goulash gravy with cabbage and rosemary polenta that had a bang to it that I could have lived of this meal for 3 days. Loved the caramelized cabbage and even tough I am not a big fan of Polenta this one had the right ingredients to fit with the rest of the delicious meat.


The second main course was from the seasonal menu a Salmon filet on a bed of risotto which was nice but all in all I would absolutely recommend staying with their classics. The owners have worked on these for 9 years …you can bet your ass they are delectable. Just like the last dish a classic in Austria and always beloved – Vanilla Ice Cream with pumpkin seed oil and braised apricots that my brother found were “abnormally good”


Who needs unnecessary hipster restaurant that often can’t deliver on their food but only look good. Here you come to eat. So nuff said and now bring out the grub.


Tschebull Restaurant –

Mönckebergstraße 7, 20095 Hamburg