Puglia Beaches

Puglia Beaches – You know sand, ocean and stuff…

The heel of Italy is amazing for beaches all along the coastline so you are in luck. The region has the longest stretch of coastline in Italy. Because you are so far in the south the weather is amazing with days and days of sun and lying around in the sand being all lazy and getting the perfect tan at the best Puglia Beaches.

Essential Tips beforehand:

  • Depending on the season you might encounter “millions” to almost no people
  • Depending on the currents some of the beaches might get seagrass or rubbish some times during the year
  • Some of the beach cafes, bars and restaurants close around September
  • After September it is hot enough to get a tan but a bit fresh to go for a swim

For these reasons I grouped the Puglia Beaches together for you guys so in case you don’t like one of them the second one is only minutes away by car.

1. Except for …. Spiaggi di Pescoluse

The winner without a doubt! This beach is also Italy’s answer to the Maledives (I don’t know why they have beef with them 🙂 ) – a stretch of crystal clear waters, soft sandy beaches and a chill vibe to the whole place makes this my number one and it is still a bit more Italian than most of the other places.

2. Punta Prosciutto and Lapillo Bay

Boasting 8 meter high sand dunes and a wild touch to the area Punta Prosciutto is definitely the wildest of the bunch and often ranked at number one with Lapillo Bay inviting sun seekers with shallow waters to walk around in and a family friendly atmosphere.

3. Torre San Giovanni and Lido Marini

San Giovanni offers a rugged mediterranean vibe and a possibility for some night life which also goes for Lido Marini as they are both close their towns (San Giovanni and Marini)

4. Torre Dell’Orso and Grotta de la Poesia

On the other side of Puglia the Grotta is a sight a lot of tourist visit for spectacular pictures, a thrill seeking cliff jumping opportunity and the chance to swim in a cave. Prepare for a lot of people even off-season. Because there is all rugged stone all around you I would go there with as little equipment as possible stay for an hour and then go for a relaxing afternoon to Torre Dell’Orso with the striking rock formation “The two sisters” off the coast and a soft sandy beach strip beneath your feet.

Alright, alright, alright. Lotion up and let’s get that tan going!

PS: I just realized i only named 7 beaches but I am too lazy to change the title…. have mercy 🙂