Desert Trip Iran

The beauty of a desert is that somewhere it hides a well, welcome to this desert trip.

I typed “We’re off on a desert trip today” and send the text message to a girl in Vienna I’ve been dating for about 2 months. I had no cellphone reception or internet connection so the message would not be sent till I had returned from my desert trip.

We got in 4×4 cars which would take our little group to the Dasht-e Kvir Desert camp where we would spend a night in tents. I was looking forward to the trip organized by Iran Doostan Tours and had the strong feeling that I wouldn’t want to go back home again.

So off we went. A five-hour drive deep into the desert. Driving through sand is a lot of fun. I would have loved to drive myself but it takes a lot of skill and knowledge to do it. It was fascinating how the drivers prepared the cars by changing the tyre pressure according to the qualities of the sand we drove on. We had problems making it up one sand dune and nearly flipped the car but, after a few tries, finally managed it.

The camp was great. Small green tents, one for each person, a big tent to eat in and another where the crew prepared our meals. The big tent had a table with fruit and nuts ready for us to eat and enjoy. The desert team was kind and very well prepared.

A portable toilet was installed. It was a little smelly and uncomfortable of course, but it fulfils its function.

Then silence. Finally some silence after many clamorous months of work. The desert is a magical place, all is sand and sky, and slowly my thoughts began to slow down, my mind started to wander slowly into the distance.

We went on a little walk through the surroundings. The sun was going down slowly and by the time we came back there was a campfire set up in the middle of the circle of green tents. Food had been prepared on a long grill in the sand. It was simple but good Persian food. Kebab, rice, vegetables and, as you might expect, pickled vegetables and all kinds of different Persian bread. It was a great dinner around the campfire.

After a good night’s sleep tucked into my sleeping bag we had breakfast and went for a long walk towards a impressive salt lake. It was there that the cars picked us up and drove us back to civilization. I would have loved to stay longer and experience the infinite emptiness of sand.

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