Resorts are fun and this place is no exception.

If Cebu is a stop on your trip, splurge for a couple of nights at Crimson Resort & Spa, Mactan. With 100+ spa treatments and endless water sports on offer,  guests will never get bored. It’s great for families, but not too crazy or loud. They offer childcare services and activities all day long, so parents can relax. The grounds are pristine and beautiful and the only (slight) disappointment is the rocky beach area.

The Location

Mactan is a half hour drive from Cebu City Airport. The grounds are vast, and guarded by security at the resort gateway. There is not much else around but you don’t need much else because obviously you came here to get away from “else”.

The Experience

Well, the experience was extraordinary. Starting with cold drinks and fresh towels when you arrive at the reception desk to the coolest golf carts that drive you right up to the entrance of your house. Yes you heard right: In this resort you get your own little house with a private garden if you feel like gardening, with its little private pool for those skinny dipping moments and a stylish and local interior design. This version of accommodation is the most expensive but totally worth it.

The pool area is well designed and surrounded by palms and dazzling green grass. You have the classic beach restaurant with huge beds to relax and eat with a mouthwatering view of the crystal clear waters. After a classic lunch of a club sandwich we were in sandcastle building, but unfortunately the beach is somewhat disappointing. We found out that most of the hotels in this area have “imported” sand from the neighboring island Bohol, bur here, no siuch luck. It’s not soft and the beach area is rather small.

After that small setback we booked a spa treatment to ease the pain and that was an experience that’s worth writing home about – simply divine. Massages, Wraps, Scrubs, Baths… you name it, they have it.  From 30 minutes to a whole freaking day the angelic staff pamper guests with delisious products and treatments. Pricey, but worth every penny.

After that if you still have the energy you can get active with parasailing, wake-boarding, snorkeling and any other of the countless waterfront escapades. They also offer day trips, diving excursions and will book any trip you can think up.

Breakfast is included and the ample and varied buffet will meet and even surpass most gourmets expectations. For dinner, the main restaurant, the Saffron Cafe, offers Asian and Western buffet and a la carte options, with the attentive service you expect in a high-class resort. You can also opt for the classier Tempo restaurant.

At this point you are probably exhausted from all that free time and excitement so  when you turn in, after a refreshing hiatus under the rain shower, order a movie from the “DVD menu” – collapse, wake up – repeat.

The Look