Business in the city at The Quest Hotel

Planted in the heart of town, surrounded by 5 star hotels from Marriott to Hyatt Regency the Quest Hotel provides the comfort and class amid the crazy bustle of Cebu City. No nonsense rooms, quality dining and the cordial and helpful staff make this place a business-style no-brainer for a stay-over in Cebu City.

The Location

Cebu is also called the “2nd capital” of the Philippines, the first spanish settlement and oldest city in the country.  It has a population of 900,000 happy people, it’s the perfect place for trips to Bohol, Manila, and Boracay. The hotel is across the street from the Ayala mall, at a good vantage point to see the rest of Cebu.

The Experience

To get into the hotel you have to pass the security guard and the metal detector which feels strange but with a huge Jeepney station and general hubbub nearby it must be necessary. After that struggle the staff is quick and helpful. Check in – Check.

The rooms are affordable at 2000-500 PHP (40-100 Euros) clean-cut and stylish in silvers, whites and purple with a touch of art-deco.  For business the suites are great, with a sepate room with its own flat-screen, couch and toilet. All rooms have tubs which is somewhat rare and a blessing after a long day.

Big windows provide a great view but after  significant effort we decided they were sealed shut.

The restaurant provides a nice mixture of local and international cuisine. Both buffet and a la carte are not revolutionary,  but quite tasty. Check out the Philippine interpretation of an italian pizza, or the crispy noodles.

The Business Center is where its at and here is why: They can arrange almost anything relating to travel and logistics in no time. It was amazing. We were were so thankful for all the effort they went to, which included basics like finding locations and restaurants and ordering cabs, but went as far as full day trips to Bohol, cheap airfares to Manila and probably they could have arranged a skydive from a volcano into a small tub if i asked for it.

All in all. Worth a visit especially if you just got out of the jungle of Bohol or Mactan and want a nice room with all the extras for a good bargain.

The Look: