Asian ingredients meet american cult food at Shiso Burger

This well-frequented establishment is no secret to Berliners. The reason we need to tell our Vanguards is that a meal there is so satisfying we began planning our next visit on our way out. Asian fusion is nothing new, but the team at Shiso Burger does it with charm, nonchalance and and a certain panache.

We squeezed into the bustling restaurant with no reservation and empty bellies. It smelled of fresh shallots, frying fish and something intangible – we were soon to find out this is the slightly minty leaf that gave the burger its name. We were immediately greeted by a charming waitress/hostess who promised us a seat “very soon”. Before we had time to get antsy she had already coaxed a group of college-age gents to scoot over to make space for us, which they gladly did.

We ordered a shiso burger (of course – with a shiso leaf, marinated tuna, teriyaki sauce, tomatoes and honey-ginger mustard sauce), an ebi burger (black tiger shrimp), edamame beans and twisted potatoes. The burgers were delectable, juicy and oozing with flavor. The sauces are inspired – one creamy and one stickier – both complimentary of the unorthodox combinations of flavors. They use home made buns that are fluffy and squish-able to a T – almost the consistency of xiao long bao dumplings, just toasted. Combined with crunchy twisted potatoes and a cool Asahi beer you are in asian-fusion heaven.

A tiny restaurant that exceeds all expectations. Shiso Burger serves light-as-air burgers with intoxicating flavors in Berlin Mitte. It can get crowded, but patience is rewarded with a smile and a mind-blowing meal.


Shiso Burger Click here

Augustinerstrasse 29c
10119 Berlin
Mon-Sun 12:00 – 23:30