Cafe Tachles, Vienna
Cafe Tachles, Vienna

Authentic and carefree at Café Tachles

Opposite the small, but pristine Karmeliter church, you’ll find the legendary Café Tachles. Created with the philosophy of mixing culinary art and culture, Tachles is a haven for introverted book readers and coffee drinkers by day, and a busy outlet for the after work and creative crowd by night. The “culture” part taks place in the cellar and can be literary evenings, concerts and live jazz performances by students and staff of the Vienna Conservatory, for example.

Think New York City shabby, minus the pretentious hipster scene and plus affordable food and drinks (ranging from €3 to €10). But don’t limit yourself to a coffee at Tachles, I highly recommend their Austrian dessert specialty of Palatschinken (crepe, or thin pancake), with tempting flavors like a Nutella job with freshly ground nuts and whipped cream. I took a bite of their soft, sugar-frosted Wachauer apricot Palatschinken, and the tart, juicy mouthful was the perfect accompaniment to my lonely espresso. If you’re in a savory mood they serve an assortment Polish-style pierogi that are quite popular and local standards like open-faced sandwiches, toasts and pasta.

I frequent Café Tachles for its dim lights and the background music courtesy of Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, or the bluesy Duke Ellington. A video installation is projected onto the wall opposite the bar – and it’s not one of those artsy-fartsy video installations that nobody understands but pretends to. Instead, Hollywood classics and good old “Laurel and Hardy” slapstick comedy play on repeat.

The seats are packed in tight, so you feel intimate with everybody even though you’re not interacting with them, but not so close to the point that it’s uncomfortable. Guests come and go and there is no specific type of crowd that comes to Tachles, which has always impressed me. Artists, college age kids, academic types and couples all congregate here, and if you ask me, it’s for the carefree vibe. Plus, the staff is so friendly that, for once in my life, I actually didn’t feel uptight about tipping.

BTW: The only downside? For all you non-smokers, smoking is unfortunately allowed inside, but the view and seating outside is just as inviting.

The Verdict:
Café Tachles is ideal for beatniks, lovers and budding philosophers. The place is peacefully quaint by day and grungy and hella-full by night.

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Karmeliterplatz 1
1020, Wien
01/212 03 58

Sun-Thu: 16:00 – 01:00
Fri-Sat: 16:00 – 02:00