Hollmann Beletage

Embracing your inner eccentric at Hollmann Beletage

The most magical places in Vienna’s are often hidden on tiny cobblestone streets, and little passageways. Hollmann Beletage is no exception. The small but intriguingly decorated establishment lives on the little extras, quirky details that are certainly worth writing home about.

The Experience

An orange bike, a beach diorama, a vintage Pez machine and stuffed birds on the wall make up the fanciful details in the entrance hall. Up at the Beletage (the preferred floor in the house of a 19th century nobleman) we were immediately lured into the cosy but elegant décor. Next to the open reception a dark, spiral wooden staircase winds it way down. The lounge area is as inviting to chill in as any hang-out-hipster café out there. It is filled with sofas, bookcases, magazines and iMacs, but most importantly free whisky for everyone. Tea as well, of course.

Down the spiral staircase we find a music station with quaint and appealing furnishings. To the left is another lounge, somehow even cooler than the first, with a strong retro theme. We loved the old school, bright red SMEG fridge.

At Hollmann Betetage things are run differently. The staff doesn’t wear uniforms and the reception is not always manned. The walls of the lounge are decorated with board games, chalk boards hang in front of every room with little, hand written welcome notes, the keys to the rooms are actual keys, and tea is self-service in the “living room”. This was Robert Hollmann’s intention. We felt like guests at a friend’s house, albeit a very rich friend.

The Room

Our abode is spacious with high, white ceilings, old-school windows, a wooden floor and orange-coloured accents. The room literally unfolds at our feet. A giant closet runs along one side of the room, concealing a sleek and modest bathroom. With the doors open, the room has a loft-like flair. Behind the next door we find a television and a mini bar, and behind the last – a little disappointingly – we found an actual closet. We pull the little string hanging from a wall-mounted CD spinner and find ourselves swaying to charming Viennese chansons – the composition of the room is complete.

Later we checked out the spa with a sauna, steam bath and a faux-garden scene around the treadmill. And as if this wasn’t enough for our fun-loving temperaments they even have a tiny in-house cinema, which seats 10 people. This hotel wants to engage visitors with Viennese culture so they were screening “The Third Man”.

In the morning, we woke up to a fresh warm breakfast served in baskets and on little trays. Our’s included warm chocolate cake and Champagne – Christmas morning has nothing on this!


The Verdict:

Hollmann Beletage has reinvented the urban stay. They celebrate Viennese culture in a central location, with contemporary flair and quirky goodies.


Hollmann Beletage – Click here
Köllnerhofgasse 6
1010 Wien
01 9611960