Hallelujah, Cape Town
Hallelujah, Cape Town

A song of praise for asian street food & 90s surf culture

This tiny eatery on Kloof Nek packs a lot of heat right from the beginning. The website itself is a hodgepodge of 90s film stars always in combination with one dish they serve or a humorous play on their weird reservation guidelines (no reservations for 3 or less only for 4 to 6 and not more). But if you come a bit earlier you can find a seat at the windowsill which cannot be reserved.
Now to get to the main attraction – the food. I would describe it is as a gourmet version of an asian street food parlor – not fixated on a specific country. Which leaves space for inspiration and innovation. Delectable grilled prawns or pork belly on a steamed bun (bao), the famous lobster roll or the duck on soft ramen taco – you can’t take a wrong turn on this menu.
It’s all very creative but where others just throw together some names and ingredients this place delivers on a high-class level. The service is as fast as they can be (this place does get packed on weekends) and they know the small menu by heart – just the way I like it.

And because you might have read it somewhere else – just to clear up an issue – NO this is not a Dim Sum Restaurant or a Champagne Bar believe me ….and if you love Dim Sum like I do, you would be pretty pissed to go looking there.

They do have a decent selection of reds and whites and a couple of capetonian specials on the menu but if you come here for the wine then you haven’t had good wine.

All in all this is a place to come to, eat delicious asian street food and leave. My kind of place. Right next door (to the right) is a decent bar (looked like a student hangout) where you can go afterwards or do what I always do….Don’t stuff yourself and go check out the next restaurant, the next food truck….there is always a pot brewing with delicious food somewhere. Find it!


11D Kloof Nek Road
Gardens Cape Town
8001, South Africa

+27 79 839 2505

Wed – Sat 18:30-23:00