Hotel Daniel - Vienna

Sail to Hotel Daniel on your journey through Vienna

So cutting edge! As I walk down the pathway to the entrance of Hotel Daniel I am already in awe of the beautiful and sexy Airstream 1952 trailer just lounging in a corner and waiting for guests to spend the night in this cosy and cute getaway. It even has space for a bathtub. True story.

And from there one step after the another it’s hipster heaven…but not in a cliché way. More in a “this is totally hip right now” mood. The industrial bare walls, the reduced interior design of the rooms, the hammock – it’s all perfectly thought through but also manages to look like its been thrown together in a hurry – very nonchalant. The 116 rooms are designed under the smart luxury hashtag which means a no-frills attitude.

The breakfast/restaurant/cafe area has a more homey feel to it and the huge floor to ceiling windows fill the room with light as I devour my omelette. This is actually a place where a lot of Viennesians (just invented the word) meet for breakfast. If you are lucky you can even taste the homemade honey which is being produced by the bees on the roof.
The menu is small and selected and the burger in particular is absolutely tasty which you can enjoy all day around….also veggie is available (sorry, still fighting with my non existing enthusiasm for veggie burgers – I am trying people!)

At Hotel Daniel I always feel like I am visiting a friend with impeccable taste for modern design who produces his own soap and honey and loves a good view more than a minibar.

This glass giant was renovated 3 years ago and is situated close to Schloss Belvedere and the main train station. Thanks to Erwin Wurm it even got its own boat sculpture sliding off the roof thing going on. Brilliant!


It’s a wonderful place … *walks away slowly into the sunset*


Hotel Daniel

Landstraßer Gürtel 5, 1030 Vienna, Austria,
T +43 1 90 131-0,