So why am I telling you about Fast Food Chains? Because when/if you are visiting California and are searching for the perfect place to eat, the tastiest burger or the most delicious ribs, you might realize that its way too far to drive to, closed or just inconvenient to get to. In that awful moment of realization you can turn to this little savior and have a really good and mostly cheap dinner. And what’s best, if you get home everybody will be asking you about them anyway…at least you have a story to tell.

1. In-N-Out Burger

One of the most famous and best places to go to in all California. Beloved by everybody, visited by everybody. Sitting shoulder to shoulder with your pal from high school or George Clooney. This place should be on your list no matter if you are living there or just visiting.
The burgers at In-N-Out are so tasty I bought a frigging T-Shirt! A T-Shirt from a fast food chain….Would you buy a McDonald’s T-Shirt…..hopefully not. 🙂 Go there, eat there and thank me later. And if you heard about all the Secret Menus – I can only recommend to ignore them and go with a delicious Double Cheeseburger. But if you are a stubborn person : here you can read all about it.





2. Habit Burger

This might actually be a franchise you haven’t heard about but is well worth a visit. They have a bunch of locations throughout the country and serve fresh charbroiled burgers with daily fresh-baked buns and local vegetables. The staff is very friendly and I always try to visit at least once when I’m in Cali.




3. Portillo’s Hot Dogs

Portillo’s specializes in Chicago-style hot dogs and sandwiches which basically means that your hot dog is stuffed with all kinds of goodness additionally to that slender piece of meat. Mustard, relish, freshly chopped onions, sliced red ripe tomatoes, kosher pickle and sport peppers piled onto a perfectly steamed poppy-seed bun. Mostly in the Chicago area but now finally  🙂 (since 2005) they have two locations in L.A. Be happy – be a hot dog (no idea why I just wrote that and didn’t come up with something funnier)




4. Chick-Fil-A 

So there once was a lot of hype and bad talk about this franchise and after everything was over it is still standing strong and that’s because at the end of a day they do serve a good chargrilled chicken sandwich. See for yourself but don’t expect to be mesmerized by the best sandwich (which in Oakland is Bakesale Bettys) just order all the extras (pickles, tomatoes, cheese, salad and so on … the more the better).





5. Chipotle

Oh this is a place everybody knows and you should too…..just to experience the paycheck your bowels will write you afterwards. This place has its own rules…how, what and when you should order. When to ask for that second scoop of chicken, the quesarito (look it up) and the burrito bowl. The ongoing war between lovers and haters is just brilliant and it might be the cleanest place to eat fast food at…I was totally weirded out the first time.




So thats my take on it – feel free and dig in to the not so healthy goodness.