A temple of design and innovation


It is the thing that you can’t miss. This trademark dominating everything else upon arrival. It raises questions and those questions have refreshing answers.


“Why are there pieces of wood scattered all over the wall?”

“These are not just any pieces, they are from the furniture of the former Hotel that used to be in this place. Recycled!”

“By who?”

“The Campana brothers from brazil. With their favela style, they create something new by using old materials. Fitting, right?”


Indeed, and it is even more fitting that the designers, the Campana brothers, used the help of young Greek architects to come up with new ideas. The hotel is therefore reflecting local, modern and traditional culture and incorporates international candor.


This fabulous combination becomes ever more noticeable as our room takes us on a time travel journey through Athens; the pictures and postcards of the city along the wall show a coherent picture, of a historic place and its proud people. The glass front to the street enhances this feeling and reminds us constantly that out there lies the new, exciting Athens. It is a bright and friendly studio and presents itself very stylishly through its clever designs and gold and wood elements.


Further up on the rooftop terrace, we learn that these people are not only masters at creating art but also at creating drinks. The New Martini is with blueberries and lime and pretty much the only thing that can make the breath-taking panorama over the city and up to the acropolis even better.


Underneath lies a buzzing street, a church with an alarming amount of bells inside (in the morning we find that they actually act as an alarm) and the Plaka; the charming old town stretching around the acropolis. It is probably not the most quiet spot in the city, but it sure as Hades is the most authentic. Busy & Courageous.


While sipping my freshly pressed OJ at the impeccable breakfast buffet a programmable LED sign above the bar captures my attention by asking me curious stuff like: “Should you adopt if you hate poor people?”


At New Hotel it is not only the art talking to you and your senses, it is the zealous, elegant staff, the homemade pralines and macaroons upon arrival and entwine you with this beautiful, extraordinary city. 

New Hotel Athens
Filellinon 16, Athens 105 57, Greece
phone:+30 21 0327 3000