Onguma Tented Camp, Namibia

“Out of Africa” where Safari Dreams come true.

Basically i don’t even need to write an article, i could just show you the pictures but i will try to keep it short and sweet. This beautiful secluded lodge is situated on its own reserve which basically means you can take a trip to Etosha (10min drive away) or just explore your own personal one.

The name Onguma means “the place you don’t want to leave” and they truly brought their A-Game for this shindig with an open air main building and seven tents with a subtle exclusive touch that brought me as close to nature as possible without losing the comfort. The whole area is built around a water-hole which is visited by animals day and night.

It was wonderful to sit during dinner and watch the wildlife – elusive moments that i will not forget in my lifetime. The seven tents are fitted with a big double bed, shower, bathtub and veranda. The beautiful thing is that each tent has its own space so when i walked outside in the morning i felt almost like i was out there alone – serene.

From there it is only a short walk to the swimming pool where i a dip into the cool waters while watching a gazelle do the same only 20 meters away. It’s a wonderful world.

I can definitely recommend taking the tour through Onguma and into Etosha on your first day because only then you get the feeling for how and where to spot the animals. Our guide had extensive knowledge of the wildlife and managed to lead us through. Also we tried the morning walk on foot through the reserve and it brings you closer to the spectacle of this beautiful place by being outside of your car.

But the real reason that this is one of the most picturesque places to stay in Namibia is the combination of it all. It’s just wonderful to see how it is possible to build a place that is in absolute harmony with nature and offers tranquility, good food and all the amenities that are necessary to enjoy it all.

Last but not least all this is only possible thanks to the incredible work of everybody there. So thanks again guys.

A few cool tips to know:

The food is delicious. I had breakfast and dinner there but during lunchtime i was always on the road and don’t forget there is nothing around you so bring lots of water.

They have the best mosquito spray on this continent called Peaceful Sleep and even though it smells like poison it helps immensely.

Be aware that if you arrive there in the wet season you might be wondering where the animals are….be patient. You might not see the amount you would compared to the dry season but you will be in the unique position to see the cute offspring jumping, flying and swimming around. Life is a beautiful thing.

And try to arrive at the camp before nightfall because well if it gets dark in the reserve its pitch black and very dangerous due to animals and trees and other cars….so be safe.

Onguma Tented Camp


Onguma Game Reserve
Eastern Border of Etosha, Namibia
Postal address: PO Box 24046, Windhoek, Namibia
Onguma Tented Camp: +264 67 229 114