With vegetarian fury!

There are many places in Paris, people tell you to visit and one of the most famous ones is L’As du Falaffel on Rue de Rosier. Most of us are familiar with the classic Falafel Pita Sandwich but what makes this place stand out is that each ingredients excels on its own. The super crisp falafel with creamy hummus, the crunchy red cabbage, pickles, fried eggplant and of course tasty harissa all come together into what can only be described as a foodbomb. Take a look at the picture. You need at least 5 napkins to survive this baby which with now 6 Euro is becoming extremely expensive. I might be looking for alternatives next time i am in Paris.

Be aware of the guy standing outside taking orders. You pay him then get your receipt and order at the counter, forget about going inside…it is very crowded and there is almost no place to enjoy. Take your sandwich on a short trip – walk to a quiet corner and bite, slurp, suckle and do what is necessary to enjoy this little monster in all its glory.

Ps: Eat from the side not from above. Rookie mistake.

So all veggies unite for the best Falafel in Paris!



L’As du Falaffel (no website found)

Opening Hours

Dienstag 11:00–00:00
Mittwoch 11:00–00:00
Donnerstag 11:00–00:00
Freitag 11:00–00:00
Samstag Geschlossen
Sonntag 11:00–00:00
Montag 11:00–00:00

34, rue des Rosiers, 75004, 4th Arrondissement, Paris, France (map); 01 48 87 63 60