A humid situation at the Furnas Boutique Hotel

If you are traveling to the island of Sao Miguel on the Azores in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean you have to be prepared for tropical climate especially if there are thousand of geysir, hot springs and fumaroles around you. So I have to check of the one negative thing about the Furnas Boutique Hotel. The have a problem with mold. I have read a couple of reviews and it seems that it didn’t only happen to me. And even after asking to get something done about it nothing happened. The mold is usually between the glass and the heavy curtains where it gets so humid. They could have just scrubbed it of. I have no problem with that, it is not toxic – just a bit gross.

So that was my little rant back to the greatness.

The island is not really famous for high-class hotels but this place is high-class in every way from the delicious food at the restaurant (steak, steak, steak and literally everything is yummy, lots of soul food) to the intensely beautiful spa area (check out the photos) or the minimalistic designed room. Everything screams hip. And for us the cherry on top is that the hotel has its own access to the sulfuric hot springs which means that the water in the pool is heated by these natural fumaroles and of course includes all their healthy minerals for your skin.

The price is absolute decent for the amenities and the style you get, a big shout out to the waiters and everyone in the restaurant area, the reception could learn something from their friendly attitude.

So even with the mold incident I would still recommend it because the other options are just not that great.

The pool area alone would make me wanna go back there.

Furnas Boutique Hotel – Click here

Address: Avenida Dr. Manuel de Arriaga, Furnas, 9675-022 São Miguel, Portugal