Katsu Sando

The world of Katsu Sando / Tonkatsu Sandwiches

In Japan this is the most famous sandwiches beloved by everyone and now thanks to a former realtor from Russia – Vienna has its own version. I love Katsu Sando sandwiches and the excitement of eating there was high when i entered the tiny shack lined with art to both sides and a small wooden counter to eat at. The original Katsu is made from a flavorful pork cutlet and even tough they sell various other versions which all are ok I am only going to review the original. In my opinion you have to be awesome at creating the classics before being allowed to experiment with the dish.

I would say that it has a lot room for improvement. The meat needs to be a different cut that leaves more juices in the meat and has a higher fat percentage, it needs more sauce which traditionally is a Japanese variation of a BBQ sauce and of course a very important thing is the balance. To get the perfect harmony the bread is soft and untoasted – no crust with BBQ on each side and in the middle the crunchy meat cutlet.

For the Bento Box I would recommend a salad instead of Miso Soup to counter the fattiness of the meat. And if you want to experiment with this dish change the additional ingredients and leave the Katsu alone (seriously no one needs a burger meat Katsu sando). Variations with spicy cabbage, mustard, pickles or anything else would give the foodies reasons to come back.

The experience was absolutely ok … good I want to say but to keep this baby going which is something I truly wish for – Onisando needs to step up the game.

Test for yourself and keep pushing them to get better!


Onisando – Click here

Fleischmarkt 26, 1010 Vienna, Austria