Not a lot to say here but the most important stuff

Ok so let’s be honest here. Hawidere is not a really cool place to hang out, the interior is something no one cared about in the last 20 years, the locations is not the real hotspot and that is why you probably haven’t heard of it. But this place has wonderful burgers which are grilled with love in a dozen different variations surrounded by a fluffy oversized pita bread bun and served with steak fries. So already you are feeling the urge to go check it out, so let me put the cherry on top: 14 draft beers, 67 bottled beers from all around the world and a couple of refreshing ciders to quench your thirst. So here is what you do: Go there… sit down right at the bar where you can enjoy the work of the friendly waiters and shove a burger in your face and down a few beers and you will be happy. Mine was a variation of their cheeseburger – basically simplified to the essentials.

At the end I have to say is that I really don’t care where I eat good food as long as it’s really delicious. I once drove to a highway exit an hour away from my hotel just to eat a few shrimps. Dedication is key!

Hawidere –

Ullmannstraße 31, 1150 Vienna
Daily 16:00 – 02:00