Race across the desert and dive for some dolphins – Hurghada

So now that you have decided that you are finally going on a beach vacation in Egypt you realize that lying on a beach for one or two weeks could get boring. For all you people I have a couple of quick suggestions. Because what you might not realize is that you can do a lot of crazy stuff in and around Hurghada.

1. Snorkeling Classic: The red sea is still one of the most beautiful places to dive beneath the surface and see the world of corals, fishes and other sea creatures. Easy to book. Basically any hotel offers a variety of options. Make sure you know the maximum amount of people on the boat so you don’t get into one of those with 50 snorkelers. Imagine that each and every one of them will be in close proximity to you, flopping around while you are trying to enjoy the serenity of underwater life. They usually offer lunch and beverages and should at least offer 3 snorkel spots. Sea Life: Fish, Crustaceans, Squids, Moray Eels, Stingrays if you are lucky.

2. Snorkeling Dolphin: A new variety of this trip includes the “hunt” for wild dolphin families. Hard to pin down and incredibly fast these schools of dolphins are a sight to see from the boat or if you are lucky enough in the water. The probability to see them from the boat is 90% and higher, getting close enough to swim alongside is rare. These are still wild dolphins but for 30 seconds I got lucky and took this shot.

3. Quad Ride: Also a classic, this tour offers a ride through the desert which is helluva fun. Prepare to disappear in your self-created dust storm. Again the same thing to consider: Maximum amount of riders. As you are not allowed to drive outside the line of quads it limits your freedom and driving behind 50 other people is fucking boring. I am still looking for the quad company that offers a free follow experience. These rides end 99% of the time at a fake bedouin camp with a Disneyland style 4 min camel ride where someone takes the camel on a leash and goes around a post with it. Absolutely boring but worth for the insta shot. Again the same problem… I am still looking for a camel only safari. Some trips offer longer camel rides but no one offers the real experience. At the end you eat in a tourist made arena instead of having the opportunity to grill together in the desert and watch the sunset. There is a lot of room for improvement and so many amazing possibilities. Right now everyone is offering the same thing instead of trying to take the ideas a step further away from mass consumption towards unique experiences. I would be willing to spend twice the money to get a more personal treatment away from tourist traps.

4. Different versions of driving through the desert: All the trips to and through the desert are offered with Quads, ATV (open four wheeler) and Jeeps. They vary in the reach you have to get further into the desert and through that enjoy more of the nature around you.

5. Submarine Ride: Seriously you can actually see the coral reef with a submarine. Haven’t tried but it looks weird enough to mention it.

6. Sunbathing on the Giftun Islands – White sandy beaches

7. Wreck Diving at the Straits of Gubal

8. Night Excursion to watch the stars: One of the newer trips offered that sounds exciting. The light pollution in the desert is non existent.

9. Watersports: Of course you can do all kinds of water sports from wakeboard to banana boat but that should be obvious as it is offered almost anywhere in the world where you a have access to the ocean.


Add: There is a possibility to go on a full adventure trip into the Egyptian desert around the area of Farafra, There are only a few operators offering this experience. Hope I get to do that some day.


All in all there is always something to do in the land of the Pharaohs.