Turkish Delights

For me good food is the essence of happiness or at least part of it. Eating delicious authentic cuisine from any country warms my heart and my belly. Diwan is such a place with delectable Turkish dishes. The location is just a jump outside of the inner districts and easily reachable by U3 (metro). Entering the restaurant you are greeted by the intoxicating smell of the charcoal grill were a skilled cook creates all those juicy grilled meats Turkey is famous for. A selection that starts with the warm or cold appetizer plates, Köfte, Adana, Lahmacun, Grilled Sardines, Sis Kebabs, literally every meat that is grilled is delicious. For vegetarians they have a variety of dishes from grilled eggplant to lentil soup and so on. The service is quick and efficient which is my favorite kind. No unnecessary questions about my day or fake smiles. The interior design is just like the waiters efficient and long-lasting.. not my style but I couldn’t care less.

All in all Diwan is food wise ahead of the hipster Kent a block or so away.


Märzstraße 51, 1150 Vienna

Mo-Sa 8:00-23:00