Kobachi time in Vienna

Part of the Japanese cuisine is Kobachi (translated small bowl) which basically means – the asian version of Spanish tapas. Small portions of delicious food served with beer and sake and Metcha Matcha is Vienna’s first entry. The design of the restaurant is a modern translation of traditional Japanese interior design and from the moment you step inside this tiny restaurant you feel right at home. Wooden accents all around from the high chairs to the shelves. Exhibited on these shelves are delicate Matcha bowls from various artists for you to purchase and basically all around you are items to buy on your way out. What usually would feel like a telemarketing commercial feels quirky and charming, but enough of the interior.

The japanese chief Mari Wanzel shows off her skills in every bowl and to be honest all of them were wonderful but here are some of my favorites: Wakame Salad (seaweed), Kimpira (carrots and potatoes), Pumpkin Korokke (crunchy croquettes so yummy), Kaarage (fried chicken and one of my all time favorite dishes), Ebi no Sunomono (shrimps, cucumbers, grapefruit – refreshing as hell). Wash it down with some local Japanese beers or what I would suggest a round of warm sake served in a wooden cedar cup (tastes like a hot sauna) and then a round of cold sake.

Also on the menu are classic Bento boxes were you don’t have to decide, just point to your preferred version which in my opinion takes away all the fun of ordering small bowls of wonderment. I think these boxes are for those who are only comfortable eating if they have a main dish. Be brave and go for individuality – and it is not gonna be more expensive than a bento box at the end.

I haven’t tried the ramen or the udon but I heard only good things about it.

They found in me another loyal customer and I will return gloriously to finish off each dish on the menu.

Till then KAMPAI!!!!


Metcha Matcha – metchamatcha.at

Neustiftgasse 7 – 1070 Vienna, Austria

Tue – Sat  12:00 – 21:30