Fashion Shopping Antwerp
Fashion Shopping Antwerp


I was in Brussels for a couple of days and because Antwerp is just a one hour train ride away I hoped on the next one heading for the fashion city of Belgium which houses one of the most important fashion schools in the world – The Royal Academy of Fine Arts / Fashion. Which should be the first clue why shopping here is awesome.

After arriving there I realized that the timing was perfect as there was a SALE fiesta all around the city. So I emptied out my backpack at the hotel and went hunting for clothes. All international brands, all sneaker brands, any bag/shoe/accessory you could think of had that SALE logo on it. Amazing! And what was even more amazing was that most items were 50% off, not the greedy “we have a pseudo sale” for 20% off but an honest to god SALE!

Just as I was trying on a Neil Barrett jacket a salesman approaches me and says “If you take 3 or more items – ALL items are 70% off”

I will pause for effect…….


This all happened in the most beautiful store in the city VERSO – on the Lange Gasthuisstraat 9-11. The handcrafted oak and marble interior design restored from a 16th century mansion makes this worth a visit even if you are not buying anything

Now that Neil Barrett jacket, Filling Pieces sneakers and a Givenchy sweater are hanging in my wardrobe.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: I haven’t been there myself but I heard about a stock sale once a year where you get everything 70-90% off. After some research I think I found it. – Here is the link: Belmodo Fashion Days


Flagship Designer Stores on Nationale Straat (Diesel, Gstar and some new designers) and a bit more underground close by Kammenstraat

Kloosterstraat – All things hipster and vintage – Lovely fashion, interior, book, antique shops and concept stores. – Check out WOON THEATER

Mercator Ortelius House – everything and additionally wine and an art gallery

Recollection Objects of desire – very avantgarde – furniture, art, jewellery, fragrances and kitchen ware to name a few

and Graanmarkt 13  – so hot right now 😉


See you on the other side


Fashion Shopping Antwerp
Fashion Shopping Antwerp