If you read our story about Berlin (and I’m sure you did…right?), you know already that we flew all the way to the German capital to find out the best tour to get to know the city in just 24 hours. To us, the place one stays overnight plays an important role in the final experience and so we scoured the Internet to find the best spot to get some sleep and charge our batteries during these very lively hours.

Something sexy, but not too fancy. That has everything you need, but that doesn’t offer too many amenities, otherwise you end up spending more time in the hotel than in the city. That’s near the city center, but far away from chaos and traffic. That has a regenerating breakfast, a huge bed, a nice view and a cat (okay this last one is not so important, but still..).

Dormero Ku’Damm met these criteria (yes, the cat too), and we had the pleasure to be their guests for one night.

Along with its sumptuous style, you can notice a playful touch here and there, which makes everything more interesting and almost intriguing. The entrance is very cool, giving you the impression to enter an old palace just renovated. The red bow tie and converse of the hotel staff, however, break this pure refinement. Let’s talk about the rooms though – you’re here mainly for these after all.

We got a junior suite, which consists of a big room, WC and bathroom. A dresser and a huge screen on top aim at dividing the big room in two parts, creating, therefore, a bedroom and a “living room” with a couch and a coffee table. Thick and burgundy curtains are like the gates that separate your intimacy from the inner garden, which looks great. Details show, in our opinion, the difference between a good hotel and a refined one. The adjustable and interchangeable lights behind the bed, the little mini-bar, a guide pamphlet to the hotel and its services, fast Wi-Fi connection, a box with bath essentials, bed comfort.

The inner garden, without any doubt, is the most impressive part of the hotel. With greeklike sculpture all around, it’s here where you’ll have breakfast in the morning. It’s somehow very Zen, with glass walls dividing the interior and protected zone from the garden and trees. The cool thing is that, even though you’re in Berlin center, you get to have a green oasis with birds tweeting and leaves rustling, while enjoying Dormero’s rich and fantastic breakfast (check out the photos).

EXTRA: The hotel also offers a fitness center, a sauna, a pool table and event rooms. For a 24-hour stay we felt it wasn’t very appropriate to spend time in a sauna, so we didn’t even have a look at it. But it’s cool to know that there’s one, in case someone wants to stay longer and take the time to relax.

VERDICT: Dormero Ku’damm is definitely a superb hotel, that makes you feel welcome and provides you with everything you need without overdoing or overwhelming you at the same time. Thumbs up!

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