Skyrocket to the top of Okinawa

So I was looking for a nice place to stay in Naha for my beach stay and snorkel trips. The city of Naha is really cool and much better than advertised. I couldn’t make it to Ishigaki or some of the other remote islands due to time issues.

Most hotels on the main island are either very remote so you need to rent a car (expensive) or so expensive that I would need to take out a mortgage. After lots of research I finally settled on the Hyatt which was a perfect choice. It might not be the cheapest stay but it was worth every penny.

It all starts in the impressive reception and general hangout area that is palatial with high ceilings and lounge opportunities. From there I am guided to the enchanting receptionist and checked in to my room.

These are designed in the classic modern way – no unnecessary dust catchers – clean and timeless with an attached bath including bathtub. My room was spacious enough for two people to unpack their suitcases and even a bit walk around space which in Japan is pure luxury. All amenities that you would expect from a high-class hotel are available of course – from WiFi to room service and flat screen TV.

The main reason to stay here is the perfect location (3min walk) to the main “entertainment” road – Kokusai Dori which is basically the reason to be in Naha with a lovely market that is open every day, incredible food opportunities, sights, shops and even dance performances. The reason I didn’t stay directly on a beach was because I had daily trips planned for staying on an uninhabited island or a snorkel trip to the best reefs around so I didn’t need the ocean right in front. This way I was in the heart of the city and the Hyatt has a pool and Whirlpool on the roof so I was covered if the need for splashing around would arise.

The Bar on the 18th floor gives a wonderful sight of the city with dimmed down lights and live piano music – Lost in Translation style but on an island.

Other than that you could eat at one of the 3 restaurants there which I didn’t try out because I am obsessed with Japanese food from ramen to sushi and this is something they don’t offer.

The service there was splendid and with the help of one of the receptionists I was able to organise all my trips. Thanks!

All in all I had a wonderful time.

PS: The hotel pool can get crowded sometimes and especially with kids who don’t want to use the kids pool and instead scream and run around the main pool. A pool attendant would be ideal to make sure everyone has a good time and especially no one gets hurt.

3 Chome-6-20 Makishi, Naha
Okinawa Prefecture 900-0013