Moscow in 24 hours

24h in the heart of Russia – MOSCOW

So I am not really entitled to tell you a lot about Moscow as I have only been there for a day but all in all I gotta say it is a great city and definitely worth a visit.
Ideally not in Winter and maybe for a couple of days more but if you are like me and had an overnight stop there here are my tips:

1. MOST IMPORTANTLY – if you do not have a VISA you can not leave the airport. So get one before you take the flight because otherwise you probably won’t get one there (happened to a friend of mine – he got stuck at the airport for 23h)

2. You absolutely want to head for the Red Square, the Kremlin and the St.Basil Church – this is the most famous spot in the city and absolutely worth your time. They are all in walking distance to each other.

3. If you are in the mood for a Russian high-class shopping mall with ornate glass roofed walkways head over next door to GUM – the main department store of the country. It’s awesome and ridiculous.

4. Food is important as always for me – the classic Russian cuisine was mainly destroyed by the reign of Communism and is just blooming again so finding a good place to eat is a bit hard.

5. For breakfast go to the Cafe Pushkin and try the blini, syrniki and of course some pelmenis – if you got the cash try to grab a table at the White Rabbit (and watch the episode on Netflix Chef’s Table) for some real authentic Russian cuisine. If you are looking for a more affordable meal try Shinok for their borscht and Varneki dumplings.

6. If you want some Street Food because you got no time for sit down lunch/dinner go for some Shwarma – “Shawarma” in Russia (havent tried it so I got no recommendation), blini at Teremok or baked potatoes at Kartoshka.

7. If you stick with the Red Square and the Kremlin just as a “see it from the outside” spot you could visit the Moscow State University (40min from the centre) or spend the rest of the day relaxing in the sun at the newly opened Zaryadye Park next to the Kremlin or this tiny park with a lovely pond named Tschistyje Prudy (10min from centre)

These seven points should keep you busy for a day and if you wanna step inside a church or museum in the Kremlin or around the St. Basil’s Church you can be sure you will need another day. Most of the sights are close to each other the food is a metro ride away and with the White Rabbit you absolutely need to reserve ahead of time probably Shinok too.

I will be back for an in-depth visit to some of the more hidden gems of Moscow – The forty forties.

Bon Voyage.

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