Mochi Ramen Bar

Mochi Ramen Bar – Ramen as it is supposed to be

Everything moves a bit slower in Vienna than anywhere else, which might be why I love this city so much. Here we take our time with jumping on a trend train. Finally for my sake the Ramen hype has settled in Austria’s capital and with it one new restaurant – The Mochi Ramen Bar.

After my 3 week visit to Japan and eating Ramen all over the country at least once a day I can definitely say that I know how it is supposed to taste like, including all the liberties you can take with creating a delectable bowl of noodle soup. Here at the Mochi Ramen Bar my first impression where the broth tanks where everyone who takes Ramen seriously preps their broth which is one of the two essentials in this dish. The other one being the Ramen noodle itself which they make fresh! daily and that makes all the difference.

With 4 tanks you get four variations on the same dish – from my all time favorite – Tonkotsu to Clam, Mushroom, Chicken and Wan Tan. The Tonkotsu has all the Umami notes and has a punch to it that reminded me of my days in Japan, with the Clam being the runner-up and the other three also noteworthy but in my opinion not the real deal anymore.

The Chashu (pig belly) is tender and has the right juiciness which – if you want to check out the recipe – is also a freaking hard thing to create at home.

The Soy Egg (Ni-Tamago) is runny in the middle and is surrounded by a mild taste of soy sauce.

A real Ramen has to have it all – the perfect balance of ingredients come together to create one of the best dishes in the world in my humble opinion. Here I actually found a version that holds up at least to a certain degree to the Japanese Ramen Bars and that might be the best compliment I can give.

So here is my ordering menu for TWO:

Main – Tonkotsu Ramen (get rid of the corn and substitute it for the Menma, Clam Ramen as the second main dish. As starters order the fucking incredible Ikapiri (which is so good it deserves its own article) and of course the always yummy Tori Karaage. (Quick Tip: A second serving of noodles is always available and is called Kae Dama – a corner stone of a good Japanese restaurant)


If you are looking for some veggies check out the smashed cucumbers.

That’s it. Forget the Donburi or the Sweets or everything else. You are here to eat Ramen so bow down to the Ramen Gods and absolutely check out the most famous Ramen scene in Movie History.

And if the hunger for Ramen takes over your mind and heart it is time to save up and go to Japan – Just like I did.

Ps: Right now the best Ramen in Vienna so let the battles begin! (Dez 2017)


Mochi Ramen

Vorgartenmarkt Booth 12 + 29, 1020 Vienna