Dulf's Burger - Dulfs Burger

A picture worth taking – Dulf’s Burger

In the middle of nowhere but just a quick walk away from everything is Dulf’s Burger joint one of many that opened up after the burger craze of 2010.

Dulf’s Burger caters to the hipster folk, the off the beaten path guys and the instagrammers but not in an annoying way but because their signature burger is the Kreatur Burger a 3 storey 450g cheese burger with an egg, avocado and lots more stuff that looks fucking good taking a picture with but is ridiculous to eat. Basically you are eating ground beef, bread and sides with a fork and knife. If you need that picture go for it! 🙂

Otherwise stay with the regular burgers that are done just right (could use a bit more salt and the burger meat could use a bit more fat) but I am judging on a high class level here.

Fresh salad and tomatoes complete the dish.

Be aware, some burgers come with Ketchup (and a lot of it) so make sure to cancel it if you think Ketchup in a burger is horrendous and should be forbidden worldwide.

With each order you have the option on choosing how your patty is done and a choice of buns (Brioche better than Sesame), the menu comes with fries (amazing) or sweet potatoes (ok).


I wouldn’t travel across the world for this place but I would rank it high in the burger championship in Hamburg.

“You can find your way across this country using burger joints the way a navigator uses stars.”


Dulf’s Burger – www.dulfsburger.de

Karolinenstraße 2, 20357 Hamburg


Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 11:30 – 22:30

Come in and find out!