This wonderful Japanese brand Bed J.W. Ford ( founded by Shinpei Yamagishi in 2011 with his buddy Keisuke Kosaka is the under dog of japanese fashion labels in the western world which is a shame and definitely needs to change. With their weird and bold cuts, the lovely color palette and brilliant design ideas like cutouts in standing collars, overlong flannel shirts or skinny suede pants they appeal to my sense of style.


The pictures they take for their lookbooks are not really to my taste most of the time. Especially the weird hats and the clashing sneaker/shoe choices (i am a picky stylist – sue me!) but if you look at the essential designs and the collection you can see the innovation & inspiration that goes into each piece.

So click through the years and see the changes in design and the evolution/revolution of a designer brand that is painting Japan with their ideas.

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