The world of a foodie – Downtown Gourmet Market

Smack down in the middle of Eindhoven this haven for foodies was my starting point on my trip through Eindhoven and what a start it was. The place itself is incredibly large with a collection of entrepreneurs each one having their own little place to excel in their field. Designed with a lot of wood and a feel of a huge food festival in mind with seating areas around the whole market. 21 individual eateries around a social hub and two central bars represent the Downtown Gourmet Market


They got it all! THE FOOD SELECTION!

The Vietnamese stall Vietnamama has a selection of Pho and Buns, the Mexican stall Arizona Taco House serves delicious tacos, burritos and baked nachos. Then I moved over to Komikaya serving classic empanadas in all variations with a fresh ensalada (Tomato and Onion salad) and of course a selection of tapas from Caseta De Pintxos and as a last round I had some Indonesian Spanish fusion dishes from Spado Food. There was not one dish that sucked…just so you know.

The only thing I didn’t get and I am truly sad is the Spicy Crispy Chicken Burger and Chicken Wings from Beef and the Wingman…..I cried a little afterwards because I love Fried Chicken so much.

So go ahead and eat your way through the whole market and bring a couple of friends. Ideally each one gets a dish or two from one stall. Then you put it all on one table and share family style! Sounds exciting? Believe me it is.

A couple of drinks to wash everything down and roll your way home because after that fiesta you might need a nap.

Let there be grub!


Downtown Gourmet Market

Smalle Haven 2-14, 5611 EJ Eindhoven


Closed on Mondays (Weird I Know)