Jamey Bennett

It’s hip to be square at Jamey Bennett

Oh man this place is hip, cool, stylish or whatever term you want to use for any place that perfectly captures all the things that are in right now. Starting with the copper details, exposed brick walls, ornamental banister and ending with the open kitchen, the cool waiter/waitress outfits. Jamey Bennett radiates coolness without being impersonal, a feat that is difficult to achieve and to even harder to maintain. The moment I stepped in felt relaxed and after finding my table I study the menu intently.

The Food:

Seriously I didn’t get anything that wasn’t delicious. The oysters with a raspberry vinaigrette and gin tonic jelly on the side were heavenly and for three Euros still ok pricewise. After that my favorite dish came – A tuna pizza but not really a pizza so let’s just describe it: A tuna carpaccio on the thinnest piece of bread (thickness of a crisp piece of paper) with wasabi mayonnaise and watercress.

Before I continue Jamey Bennett also places itself in the category of restaurants the recommends the sharing of dishes – the new way of socializing and eating.

Next dish was a classic Ceviche in cocktail glass with sea bass, aji amarillo (a kind of chili), limes, oranges, avocado and coriander.

I finished my meal with an order of Gambas with caramelized garlic with butter, ginger and lime. Even though this dish was just as delicious as the others it was a bit on the small side. I would probably go for the Iberico Pork Ribs the next time.

And of course I ordered a side of crispy fries with truffle mayonnaise. Last but not least comes a fluffy and creamy cheesecake with raspberry coulis drizzled over the cake which might be awesome for some but when it comes to cheesecake I am a purist. So the “red crap” (Friends TV Show Pun) needs to be on the side.

A fresh and summery Sauvignon Blanc accompanied all of this and rounded out a wonderful dinner in one of the most beautiful cities in Holland.

And here is a really cool hotel to stay Indigo Hotel.

Jamey Bennett


Plaats 11

2513 AD Den Haag