Hotel Indigo

Have a drink in the Vault at the Hotel Indigo

Opened in 2018 the Hotel Indigo is one of those hotels were a lot of cool things come together to create something very unique. Built into an Old Dutch National Bank building the idea of the designers was to keep some of the interior intact and even use it as something of a statement piece. From the Royal portraits around the public areas, the Art Deco stained windows, brass lamps, marble walls and floors the feeling of standing in a formidable posh bank is all around me.

Hotel Indigo

I check in at the open space reception desk that is surrounded by stylish lounge chairs, a table full of hand painted vases and designer lamps and I know that my room is going to be very cool.

The credit card sized key slides into the lock and here I am standing in one of the weirdest and coolest rooms ever. The highlight of my room is the huge safe that opens its door to reveal my coffee machine (Illy coffee yes!), the minibar and some glassware. As I follow the steps upstairs (yes upstairs) I reach my bed and turn around to look over my living room from the gallery. All of this happens on a still small space, which I think is an amazing achievement. Especially the design of the bathroom is beautiful with a mixture of forest green and white tiles and minimalistic art deco influences it feels very calm and relaxed.

Hotel Indigo

Time to explore the rest of the Hotel Indigo. For breakfast I sit down in the Brasserie Stocks & Bonds and enjoy my favorite version of breakfast: A well-structured buffet with fresh squeezed orange juice and an additional a la carte menu so I can get my Eggs Benedict. These eggs are something I never make at home but crave every time I am staying in a hotel, maybe a little bit like the Bloody Mary or tomato juice people order on airplanes.

That everything was delicious goes without saying so lets get to the highlight of the hotel.

The Vault:

The Hotel Indigo kept the original Vault of the bank so as I descend the stairs I am welcomed to the Gold Bar with a range of delectable cocktails all in a speakeasy design with small private tables with dark leather chairs and safes around. The Vault it self is in the back of the bar and looks so cool for anyone who doesn’t get to see one on a daily basis. I was mesmerized by the size of that door. During my stay this area was actually set up for something like a conference meeting which took away a bit of the movie set.

I would definitely recommend throwing dinner parties down there in the Vault were once a month a secret high class chef cooks a special menu or a bar with dance opportunity playing Bossa nova tunes. Who wouldn’t want to shake their tail feather in a Vault? (My two cents as an interior designer).

Hotel Indigo

Side Note: The rooms do not have the largest space for hanging your clothes, just take out the most important outfits and leave the rest in the suitcase.


Let’s end this story with a quote by one of the most famous bank robbers of all times, John Dillinger: “OK, boys! Let’s go make a withdrawal!”

Here is a quick guide to 30 min or less in Den Haag …. riiight here.


Hotel Indigo

Noordeinde 33

2514 GC Den Haag