Hof van Busleyden

Museum Hof van Busleyden – A unique experience

Getting the chance to be one of the first visitors to a museum is an honor and what a highlight the Museum Hof van Busleyden was.

Just in case you get bored quickly let me get the reason out-of-the-way why you NEED to see this. Without a doubt this is one of the most thought-out interior designs in a museum ever. The mixture of historical parts of the museum with its intricate baroque design is combined with clean sleek elements in a way that you wonder how this goes so well together. Every interior design lover will be having difficulties concentrating on the art. Just check out the images below and between to realize that Hof van Busleyden is a Must-See!

The idea is to give you the chance to experience the Burgundian Netherlands in an absolute new way and the home of humanist and art collector Hieronymus van Busleyden is the place where all of this happens. A palace in every way considered as one of the most beautiful, extant city palaces from the European Renaissance. The museums goal is to become a vibrant meeting place for everyone from locals to visitors.

Hof van Busleyden

Here you can check out the legacy of Charles the Bold, Emperor Charles V, Margaret of Austria, Thomas More and many more. Take a tour of the museum from the outside to its innermost secrets. A story that begins with parades, processions, festivities in the city and ends very privately and intimately asking the question: Who held the central power in the Burgundian Netherlands and its impact on life in the city and the establishment of its crafts and professions.

Museum Hof van Busleyden – A wonderous world

Each room reflects the art in a wonderful inventive way that starts in a black paneled room reminding me of the movie Tron and guides my eyes to the pieces at hand. From here you are treated to even more ingenious ideas to present history and art to the visitors of today. Stark white rooms are broken by red velvet and a huge touchscreen table gives me the chance to play around in the lineage of those governing the country. Even an augmented reality tablet plays a role in my exploration! The masterpieces by Flemish masters are showcased at the top in a quiet black room the keeps focus on these eyecatchers. Even though I never was a fan of anything religious these altarpieces are mesmerizing and no one can doubt the talent and craftsmanship that went into creating the “Enclosed Gardens” piece.

Hof van Busleyden

Another amazing moment happened when I stepped into a room that featured one book. The choir book of Margaret of Austria and as I stand there choir music starts playing out of the hidden audio system. A brilliant idea again and again.

The additional exhibition change of course and provide even more reason to check it out a second time. I for one will be back for sure.


Museum Hof van Busleyden

Sint-Janstraat 2a, 2800 Mechelen


Closed on Wednesdays but opened on Thursdays till 10pm!


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