best Instagram-Worthy Spots in Luxembourg

The best Instagram-Worthy Spots in Luxembourg – The Castle Hunt

So I finally arrived in Luxembourg spending the day exploring the city and it’s beautiful architecture and as the morning sun shines trough the window I had a great idea. How about an article exploring the castles around the city but the focus would be on getting the best Instagram-Worthy Spots in Luxembourg or basically killer shots to take home and brag about them to your friends and family. Keep in mind that this article does not go into any details regarding the castles but focuses solely on the photography.

The whole trip can be done with a car in a day! (That’s what I did). To get you guys started I can recommend to pick up the car at the airport because it is around 50% cheaper than renting it downtown. I actually rented it literally for only a day and returned it to the airport in the evening of the same day. Prices will vary but just so you have something to go on I paid 70 euros (insurance all inclusive) for one day without reservations or online booking. If you do that you can get a car for around 40 Euros a day.

Sidenote 1: Of course I did color correct all pictures with Lightroom but no other retouching was done.

Sidenote 2: I did not put any Google Map Links there because all locations are reachable within 30-40 minutes by car.

Chateau Walferdange

So starting out in Luxembourg the first stop is a bit weird as it is literally next to a 4 way street. The castle used to be a stud (horse breeding) farm and was turned into a castle by Wilhelm 2. Afterwards it was used as a hospital, a teacher training college, an army barracks and a pedagogical institute until 2003 when it was turned into the Faculty of Language and Literature, Humanities, Arts and Education.

Photolocation Info:

Line up your shot parallel to the garden section left and right and center the building. I would recommend a wide-angle lens for this either lens clip on your phone or proper lens. 18-30mm

best Instagram-Worthy Spots in Luxembourg



This was my favorite stop of the day – the castle itself might not be the most incredible but somehow this place seems like the Renaissance ballroom dancing ended just seconds ago and soon the grand ladies and gentleman will be frolicking in the garden. The sun was out, the flowers in the garden were in bloom and I was the only person there. This place is not curated like almost all castles I have visited before but very well kept and I hope that they leave it like that. A lot of castles around the world feel artificial here everything seems frozen in time.

As I was walking around my mind started to wander and as I saw the maze open up in front of me I knew it was time to get lost and save the frolicking for later.

Photo Location Info:

The shot through the three blooming archways is on the left side of the garden entrance.

For the shot of the castle you have to walk around the castle and either take it from the lowest part of the garden to get the mini water basin or one level up to get more detail.

Let’s continue with the best Instagram-Worthy Spots in Luxembourg…

best Instagram-Worthy Spots in Luxembourgbest Instagram-Worthy Spots in Luxembourgbest Instagram-Worthy Spots in Luxembourg

“The best Instagram-Worthy Spots in Luxembourg”

Bourscheid Castle

The castle is perched 150 meters high above the Sure river and accessible only from the northwest. At some point (approx. 100 A.D.) the original wooden fort was transformed in to the stone-built castle you can see today.

Photo Location Info:

On your way getting closer to the castle there is a winding road and you will pass a sign that says panorama cafe – funny enough we never found the cafe and the road is basically a hike through the woods without a real road. Fun though! 10minutes later you reach some kind of camping grounds (camping du s.i.t.) and there next to one of the trailers you have a view over the whole valley. I took the path less traveled but you can probably reach it directly with the car too.

best Instagram-Worthy Spots in Luxembourg

Chateau Vianden

Probably the most famous castle in Luxembourg it is also one of the largest fortified castles west of the Rhine. A whole city has evolved around the area and is worth a stopover. It has been recently restored to its former glory after falling into ruins centuries before. Built somewhere between the 11th and 14th century the Chateau is set on a rocky promontory and was home to the Counts of Vianden who had close relationships with the German Imperial Court.

Photo Location Info:

Before you get to the castle area there is a sidestreet going off CR322 (Veianerstrooss) and right after that turn there is a parking area with a great viewpoint of the castle. Unfortunately you can’t get the city below on the same shot as the forest in between blocks the view. If you are bringing a drone this is the place to take off.

best Instagram-Worthy Spots in Luxembourg

Beaufort Castle

A lovely castle that is still protected by a moat was partly built in the 11the century and has a eerie feel to it. It reminded me of the first Highlander movie (insert Nostalgia) and because it was built in stages it looks somehow scrambled, a fact that I personally loved. The castle was destroyed by the Thirty Year War and restored with more additional somethings in the 1643.

Photo Location Info:

Right next to the castle is a convenient parking lot. Cross the street and there on the right side is walkway to the castle. Instead of following it turn to the right and open the tiny gate and walk along side the outer wall of the surrounding are till you get to the flower and wheat bed. Kneel down between the tall grass with your back touching the wall. Here you can get the “Gladiator meets Highlander Movie Shot”

best Instagram-Worthy Spots in Luxembourg

Fiels Castle or Larochette Castle in Larochette

Perched precariously atop a hill the castle overlooks the whole city 150 meters below from the highest point. The castle itself is still a ruin but restoration work is underway. On the highest part of the promontory, the remnants of several stately mansions bear witness of the sumptuous architectural quality of the castle.

In the town below you can stop for a coffee or a bite to eat. I skipped even that to get all of the location in one day and be back for the National Day celebrations.

Photo Location Info:

Park somewhere close to the castle in the town below. Ideally follow the N14 into town and park somewhere close to the Saint Donatus church (basically the largest church in town). On the right side of the church you can see stairs going into the forest and up the hill. Follow them until you get to the very top, which is maybe a 5-10 minute walk. In between you can take cool shots through openings in the canopy but at the top there is actually a viewpoint with tables and chairs. The best shot is taken by stepping on the bench on the right side.

best Instagram-Worthy Spots in Luxembourg

“The best Instagram-Worthy Spots in Luxembourg” continues…

Chateau de Septfontaines

This is literally a 5 minute stopover for a shot of this Chateau that was for some time the home of porcelain manufacturer Villeroy & Boch who built it in 1783 now a listed building you can not do a lot then just take a picture and leave.

Photo Location Info:

A wide lens is preferable standing behind the fountain line up the shot parallel to the house and voila.

best Instagram-Worthy Spots in Luxembourg


Waterfall Schiessentümpel – Muellerthal (waldbillig)

In the eastern region of Luxembourg a stone throw away from the street is the Schiessentümpel tri parted waterfall, which is part of the Black Ernz River. The fall cascades over large rocks and passes right beneath a picturesque wooden bridge that leads to a couple of beautiful hiking trails. The whole scenery looks like a scene out of Lord of the Rings and is a wonderful location to chill, hike and take great pictures.

Photo Location Info:

Unfortunately during the time I visited the area around the waterfall was closed due to heavy rainfalls and flooding in last couple of days. My shots are all taken from the side of the road close to a tree that stands next to the road. Ideally I would have walked down to the riverbed where a couple of rocks are standing out and shot directly on eye level with a wide lens and long exposure.

best Instagram-Worthy Spots in Luxembourg


So this is it. It was a hell of a day and I had so much fun finding the right shots and somehow I felt like being on a treasure hunt. You might not get any experiences inside the castles but as this is just a suggested itinerary you can mix and match all the place or cut some of them out of your road trip to leave more time for sightseeing and exploration. I hope you guys enjoyed this guide I will definitely write another one on my next trip.


Bon Voyage.


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