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There can never be enough Chinese Restaurants.

The first district, the pulsating heart of Vienna usually has a lot of tourist trap restaurants just like any other city but here you can also find a great selection of delectable restaurants. Chinacy is a , you probably guessed it, Chinese restaurant nestled into the Johannesgasse. In this really cute street the glass store fronts of the restaurant give a lovely few of the interior as the sun sets over the city.


Well even though the huge Chinese wallpainting is cute and all but to say the design is amazing would be an extreme overstatement. It’s not bad or anything just nothing to write about so let’s jump right into the actual important stuff….Food!

chinacy chinese restaurant

The Food

Here is where they shine, as I sat down outside and enjoyed Vienna slowly settling down for the night, a warm breeze sweeping through the street I am greeted by the service staff. A quick look in the menu and the drinks & food are ordered. Throughout the evening there were a couple of small hiccups with the service but nothing that they didn’t charm away instantly.

I started out with crispy tofu in a sticky teriyaki sauce which were crispy outside and fluffy inside but I kind of would have chosen to go with a different more interesting sauce than the most famous Chinese sauce in the world. Let’s move on: Wantans Szechuan Style now this was a delicious dish and as I have been to Szechuan a couple of months ago so I can tell you they are holding back on the spicy factor of a dish like that. I didn’t mind that at all as this would be only tasty for less than 1% of people in Vienna and you still pick up the gentle numbing feeling of the Szechuan Pepper.

popcorn chicken chinacy

Soup Dumplings ….mmmhhh

Following up with my highlight for the evening a real Xia Long Bao – my absolute favorite dumpling filled with soup and pork. This dish is hard to come by in Vienna so I am almost sure that these are the best Soup Dumplings in the city. The Ha Gok, steamed Dim Sum with shrimps and water chestnuts were done well and I finished the evening of with a lovely worldwide classic – Popcorn Chicken. Here the dipping sauce is Wasabi Mayonnaise which was fine and if you never had it before it will blow your mind but for me it could have gotten a twist like adding Yuzu Lemon or switching it up with Hoisin or YumYum sauce. Just a thought.

All in all it was a wonderful evening filled with laughter and good food and at the end of the day this is what it’s all about.

Chinacy – Website
Johannesgasse 9-13, 1010 Wien

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