Tajrish Bazaar

Tajrish Bazaar – From Spices to Fake Sneakers

An Iranian cab driver in Vienna once told me that Iranians love cars and plastic surgery and he was right, you can see the effects all over the city of Tehran.

Tehran is a fascinating city. Around 9 million people and four million cars on the move during the day which means Tehran is basically one big traffic jam.

Up till this I had been traveling as part of a small group which I really enjoyed but it was also nice to have some time to walk through Tajrish Bazaar on my own. It is beautiful and I would have been happy getting lost there for days. You can find everything from food and wonderful spices to clothes, jewelery and fake sneakers. People are very friendly and they paid little attention to me. I enjoyed that because it meant I could move freely through the bazaar. I found some great silver rings, but if you prefer gold jewelery then you’re really in the right place. It is all on display in a multilevel mall inside the bazaar and I have honestly never seen so much gold in one place in my life.

The Tajrish Bazaar is the smaller brother to the Grand Bazaar and a bit more private, less polluted and strolling through the alleyways that were built hundred of years ago is possible everyday from 9am till 9pm.

I only had one day in Tehran and that is far too short for such a fascinating city. I would need a lot more time to begin to understand its complexity – and that of the country – but what I can say is that the images conveyed by the media don’t reflect my own experience. 

Tajrish Bazaar – Tajrish Market, Tajrish Square, Teheran 11369, Iran

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