Espinas Palace

Meeting locals and spending time in guest houses is always a good idea, but if you are looking for a quiet place in Tehran far away from the traffic of the city you should definitely visit Espinas Palace.

Arriving at the hotel is a special moment. Driving up the mountain, you suddenly see a high building pooping up in front of you –  this is the Espinas Palace. In front of the entrance there is a fountain with a little fence and beautiful flowers from which you have a view over the whole (and huge) city of Teheran. If you enter the building after enjoying this lovely scenery you can immediately witness the luxurious side of the Iranian hospitality.

The staff is very friendly and always looking for your well-being. Moreover, you can ask them about intercultural topics or other issues you might want to know about. Therefore spending the first night in Espinas Palace is ideal for acting as a door opener into the Iranian culture or the busy city of Teheran.

Starting from holding a conference, performing a concert in the concert hall to celebrating your weeding, Espinas Palace definitely has enough space for all kind of activities. Of course, a spa as well which includes sauna, pools, massage and a gym is also included. Last but not least enjoying a 360° view on the rooftop is a must.

Going up with the elevator on one of more than 25 floors you finally arrive in your room, which offers a mix between Persian and modern interiors. It is definitely the most luxurious room where I have spent time in Iran, offering one oft the softiest and fluffiest bed on earth.

Waking up from a relaxing night, you find yourself in the most richly set breakfast buffet, with cooks being present to provide you with the omelette you wish. Furthermore, you find tahini, cakes, jams, bread, fruit, vegetables, … you definitely need to spend a couple of days there to try all the various possibilities. If it comes to the beverages you will be spoiled with a variety of teas, coffees and juices. One last advice, don’t eat too much especially if you plan to have a bike trip afterwards ( I wish I had this piece of advice as well…).

To sum it all up, luxurious facilities, pleasant staff and delicious food. If you need some time to rest or just for letting the experiences of your trip sink in a quiet place – Espinas Palace is the place to go.

Espinas Hotel

Tehran Province, Tehran, District 2, 21, 33 Ave, Behroud Sq. St، Saadat abad، بلوار شقایق، Iran

+98 21 75 675 000

Article written by Michel, follow him here