Kaffemik, Vienna

Make room for coffee at Kaffemik.

With impossibly hip coffeehouses opening up in Vienna at a startling rate, one could easily overlook the tiny Kaffemik. It’s more of a coffee room – keeping it cosy at with only a couple of tables and a bar – but it comes with a big concept: Alongside its own special blend they serve coffee from a different independent European roaster every month.

My Australian friend and I were coming from Mariahilferstraße after shopping and arrived at Kaffemik with a sigh of relief. It was refreshingly quiet, with a cool vibe, funky blue patterned tiles and minimalistic decor that still manages to be cosy. It’s situated right where people need a break, just a couple of meters of Vienna’s bustling shopping street. Through the arched glass front we could see the stress that we just left behind and took a seat beneath exposed wooden beams running across a high white ceiling.

It was immediately clear that this place is all about the coffee. No fancy spiced coffee mixes, whipped cream, or grand selection on this menu. It is all about that little brown bean that helps us get through the day. My Australian friend squealed with delight when she saw that they primarily serve Flat White; a coffee creation from down under that is similar to cappuccino but has a higher proportion of coffee to milk.

Of course, we had to try the house-roast, which was smooth, mild and creamy. December’s roast was the ‘Tim Wendelboe’ from Oslo, which knocked us off our feet. It tasted fruity and quite strong, and  pleasingly different. We left with a couple of bags of the Wendelboe as Christmas presents.

On the wall shelf we spotted a bottle of Indian Pale Ale and this time it was my British friend that felt a little bit more at home. We were tempted to stay and chat with the super friendly waitress or play a game on the old, wooden chessboard but we had to leave this oasis and get back into the pre-Christmas shopping madness. One thing is for sure; we will definitely come back in January, at the latest, to try the next international roast.


The Verdict:
Kaffemik is as contemporary as it gets and caters to it’s niche with a cute, less-is-more approach to decor and selection. Monthly special roasts make it a must-visit for any urban coffee aficionado.



Zollergasse 5
1070 Vienna, Austrian

Mon – Fri: 8:00 – 18:00
Sat: 10:00 – 18:00
Closed Sun and Holidays