phil, Vienna

Getting metaphysical at phil.

It’s basically a public living room, with plenty of books for your inner-nerd to peruse at will. With a vast multicolored collection of leather sofas, designer bar stools and retro tables, Phil is a cozy café/bookstore brightened by an eclectic fusion of lamps in all shapes and sizes. Best of all, you can make pats of it you personal living room, since literally everything in the cafe is for sale.

Phil’s affirmation of literature, film, music and generally all things artsy makes it the go-to place when avoiding the nearby Starbucks, just of Mariahilferstraße, Vienna’s throbbing shopping street. It’s no secret that phil is a bobo’s paradise. They know it even include a Bobo Burger on the menu to cater to patrons seeking to unwind from the hectic city buzz; bookworms and artists alike.

It’s easy to spend a whole day at this design-savvy establishment. Breakfast until 16:00 is a welcome surprise for late risers. Phil caters to its health-conscious customers by offering a list of mouth-watering and brain-boosting breakfast options priced between €6.90-€15.10. Popular ones include the Pensionsfrühstück (Pensioner’s Breakfast), the Italophile Frühstück with Milanese salami and ciabatta, the Philgood Frühstück (organic müsli with yoghurt, fresh fruits and honey accompanied by a portion of humus, a falafel, antipasti vegetables, dark bread and toast – see picture) or the rich and delectable Philfraßfrühstück (Overeater’s Breakfast – a mix between all the above mentioned breakfasts). If the German menu seems to be a tongue twister, there is also a menu in English and multilingual staff to help. They have a great sense of humor, as you can see from the puns using the name “phil” all over the place.

After a satisfying meal, while sipping some of their delicious coffee made with their 44-year-old Faema espresso machine, it’s almost impossible to resist grabbing one of the often quite bizarre books with provocative titles [[example]].  It is not uncommon that some people stay in the cafe until they reach the very last page.

Phil now has a little sister: philiale is tucked away in Gartenbaukino, a 1960’s cinema opposite the Stadtpark. This might be more for the cinephile.


The Verdict:
Come for the (late) breakfast, stay for the risqué literature. At phil, everything you see is for sale, so bring company, you could be here for a while.


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Gumpendorferstrasse 10-12,
1060 Vienna, Austria