Truth Coffee Roasting - Cape Town


If coffee can’t fix it, it’s a serious problem!

This steam punk themed coffee shop/restaurant is on the east side of cape town on Buitenkant street which in itself is kind of hip so you got a combination of indicators for a good pick. An alternative Holmesian place welcomes you with its copper pipes and weird dressed waiters but the truth is (pun!) that you are guided in by the delightful smell of fresh brewed coffee. At this establishment they are absolutely serious about their coffee – proven by the 1940s cast iron coffee roaster. Starting out as hub for creatives and hipsters it’s now turning into a tourist coffee shop which doesn’t change the fact that they still make awesome coffee – just expect more people with cameras, iPhones and god-forbid iPads.

But to be honest it really looks good and I know of other places where you have to pay to see a display like that and here you can even enjoy coffee and breakfast/lunch. Which is not mind-blowing good but it’s also not called True Burger which is in Oakland. 🙂
They do have the classic burger/pizza collection for lunch and all kinds of egg variations.

So take a trip down Alternative timeline Victorian road…. Nope, that doesn’t sound good at all, but a flat-white coffee sounds awesome.

Oh and before i forget…. the picture with the honey, rooibos crap is disgusting – try it!!!

Truth Coffee
36 Buitenkant St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town
+27 21 200 0440
Open daily