TRUE BURGER – OAKLAND, CA – USA - Prepare your own burger

In a world where burgers are known for the fast-food variety: they never look like the photos and contain gmo veggies and hormone-infused beef patties. Then there are joints like True Burger that bring the sandwich back to its wholesome, honest and humble roots. The place is not located anywhere near anything cultural or of interest to tourists, but don’t pass up the opportunity to get a taste of this juicy hot meat sandwich. 

The interior is simple. There’s an open kitchen, so you can watch them grill for you, and a clean kitchen is always a good sign. While it is counter service, the whole place has this artsy feeling with a hand painted skyline on the wall, some ambient lighting and perfectly organized condiments and napkins on the walls. It would fit better in berkeley than in this office-heavy area in Oakland. It’s well thought through and a favorite for business lunches, but to be honest we couldn’t care less. We didn’t come here for the neighborhood, nor the ambiance.

So lets get down to the gist…the food.  The ingredients are all organic (seems like everything is organic lately. Can’t wait for apple’s new organic iphone). The meat is ground on site every day (it tastes really fresh), the toasted egg buns are custom made and they can also be filled with portobello mushrooms stuffed with smoked mozzarella.  The beef burgers start at $5.15 and range to the True Deluxe combining the beef and mushroom for $9.00.  We also recommend the frothy shakes ($4.75), the coleslaw with cilantro and the crispy chili cheese fries.

These burgers may not change your life but they gave us that warm happy feeling after a better-than-expected meal. You can add extra toppings and condiments which is a plus. We feel that these juicy fresh bites were well worth the trek to the boring side of town. This is our go-to choice for fantabulous burgers in Oakland.

Oaklandians, support your local burger maker!


True Burger – Oakland, Ca.

146 Grand Ave
(between Valdez St & Harrison St)
Oakland, CA 94612

Mon 11:00 – 14:30
Tue-Sat 11:00 – 21:30