Max Benito

Viva la Mexico – Time for Tacos !

Vienna already has a couple of good Mexican restaurants (from the Gorilla Kitchen to Los Mexikas) but with Max & Benito we have a new contender and in my opinion one of the best already. As always with our food reviews – I will keep it short and sweet or spicy. The focus here lies with the burritos which are beautifully crafted in Chipotle style manner assembled in one line. This provides a problem with most customers who pretend they know what belongs in a burrito and make their own creations based on “feelings”. My recommendation is if you have never been to Mexico or any real Mexican restaurant just order the Benito’s Best Burrito and you will be fine (change the chicken to beef or pork if you want but leave the rest). A burrito without rice or beans is not acceptable. The ingredients taste fresh and delicious especially the barbacoa beef.

But what got my heart pumping is the Taco – the simplest dish in Mexico is also one of my favorite dishes of all time and here I finally found happiness in Vienna. Here is what you need to order: Taco with Beef (Barbacoa), Tomatoes and a bit of lettuce (they don’t have Pico de Gallo yet), a squeeze of lime juice, lots of (you need to say that) coriander/cilantro and if you wanna get a little more acidity a dash of Salsa Verde. That’s it and thank me later.

This baby rocks my world to this day and I wanna thank Max and Benito for rocking it in Vienna.

Some additional things: I would love to see a Carne Asada (which literally means grilled beef and is made with delicious steak cuts) entry and the option of radishes (whole) on the side (usually a complementary side dish and very traditional Mexican) that gives the meal a bit more crunch and flavor if you take a bite out of it while eating the Taco.


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Wipplingerstraße 23, 1010 Vienna, Austria – (closed on weekends)

Mariahilferstrasse 4, 1070 Vienna, Austria – (closed on Sundays)