Kandy Cabana Eco Resort

Kandy definitely is a must-see destination when making your way through the Central Mountain range of Sri Lanka. We didn’t want to miss out on “Little England of Sri Lanka”, as Kandy is sometimes called, but at the same time we were looking for a relaxing space surrounded by greenery. That’s why we were very happy to be invited to stay at Kandy Cabana Eco Resort, located about 10km from Kandy.

The first thing that struck us about Kandy Eco Cabanas was the tranquility. The only noise came from the chirping of birds or the river Mahaweli, which quitely runs along the front side of the property. All that stress and noise from driving our tuk tuk through crazy Sri Lankan traffic was quickly forgotten in this beautiful setting (if you want to read about our tuk tuk trip, HERE you go). The property consists only of four cabanas, which is why the quietness was complemented by a sense of privacy. Strictly speaking we would not say that the hotel is an eco-lodge in the classical sense. “Eco” is not interpreted as being environmentally friendly, but rather as being in touch with nature and using natural construction material, according to the owner.

Anyhow, on to the rooms. We stayed in the River Edge Cabana, which gives a great view over the river from both its terrace as well as from the interior thanks to the large window. Made entirely out of wood, the room evokes a rustic feeling, reflecting the theme of the entire resort. The room amenities are kept very simple, but we had everything we really needed. Don’t expect fancy elements such as a mini bar or speakers, but definitely expect air condition and a comfortable king size bed. Something we would have appreciated though is a mosquito net.

We very much enjoyed our dinner and breakfast in the in-house restaurant, which featured authentic Sri Lankan food overlooking the green property premises.

All in all, we definitely recommend staying in the Kandy Cabana Eco Resort if you are looking to be surrounded by nature. The setting in the jungle, the stunning river views and the rustic rooms will definitely help you to take a moment for yourself and relax.



Hakirille Kumbura,

Udovita, Gampola

Sri Lanka