Underneath The Mango Tree Resort

“Claustrophobic beach-quickie? Visit Lignano and the adriatic sea.

Party-vacation and dating by the sea? Visit Ibiza.

Well proved beach-vacation? Go to Koh Samui.

Not really your thing? Are you an explorer without a watch? Looking for your inner self? Mastering your life with the wink of an eye? And all the above by the sea and under the sun? You’ve found the right place.”

That´s the text to be found on the Under The Mango Tree website, and to be honest this is something that grabs one´s attention, at least mine. Though the above assumption can suit Sri Lanka entirely, with hindsight I can say that it is suitable for the resort as well.

Located in the south, more precisely in Dikwella, Under the Mango Tree is a resort immersed in the jungle, right before the sea. Easily reachable, also by bus, it basically has everything one could ever need: swimming pool, restaurant, meditation centre (opened on January 2018, huge terrace overlooking the resort), Ayurveda spa, private beach, yoga and fitness classes, library, small theatre, even a tailor and technician for daily reparations (since Sri Lanka is not known for its logistic efficiency, and having something repaired might take a couple of days), and a daily fresh fruit stand (and the combo ananas + papaya + watermelon + swimming pool + sunset is brilliant)

I had the pleasure to stay in one of their 7 Villas, which consists of a living room, kitchen, one bedroom, bathroom and two showers. Oh, and a private small pool. Besides this category, the resort provides 8 double rooms, suite and one Ocean Suite View and one Grand Villa – which I could not see since they were both booked, but must be awesome. Independently from the room type, the environment feels very relaxing and intimate, and follows the philosophy of the resort perfectly. The products offered are of the highest quality, like the shampoos, shower gels, flip flops and so on.

Located on a small hill in front of the ocean, guests have the perfect view over the ocean, which can be reached through a small path, and it takes you literally 20 seconds from the restaurant by the swimming pool to the beach. It´s not so wide, but after all is just for the guests and therefore it´s more than enough to enjoy its tranquillity and peace.

Should you stay at Under The Mango Tree during your stay in Sri Lanka? Yes, yes and yes. Probably not for the entire trip though, since Sri Lanka is so diverse and being stuck in just one place is a waste, especially in this Country with so diverse landscapes and environments which make it so exceptional. But consider this resort for a couple of days, to leave the hustle behind and recharge the soul.

Under The Mango Tree

Tangalle Road,

Batheegama West,

81200 Dikwella South, Sri Lanka