Up in the sky with the clouds at your fingertips – Berlin TV Tower

If you are visiting Berlin for the first time you might not know Alex but this beast of a tower stands tall in the middle of Berlin and I would like to state that it is one of the most famous sights of the city.

With its 368 meters it is the highest structure in Germany and the fourth highest in Europe. Back then in the good old hippie days of 1969 it was the second largest TV Tower in the world. Through his years as a tower Alex has seen it all, painted in green during St. Patrick’s day, surrounded with love messages from a T-Mobile campaign, a bungee jumper, wire walkers, stair runners, there isn’t a lot left for him to do than enjoy the view.


Something shared by the 12 million visitors each year and one of them was me. I wanted to get a bit more from the experience and reserved a table for dinner in the huge ball at the top. The view from up top is amazing and thanks to the ingenuity of the designers the whole sphere spins which has the wonderful effect of giving the chance to see a 360 degree view of Berlin down below but also might make you a bit woozy. (Thankfully only for a couple of minutes)

Now let’s do dinner:

A three-course menu was the choice of grub for that evening accompanied by prosecco and white wine. From the beef Carpaccio to the entrecote finishing it up with a ice cream coffee the dinner was very delicious. You can expect high quality service and especially a fast one. I had a blast and the only annoying thing are the numbers on the tables, which look like a digital watch is strapped to a metal pole and onto your table. The only explanation I can imagine why this style faux par is important is that the waiters basically serve in a spinning restaurant and just to be able to know which table is where without running circles they probably need these signs as their lifelines.


All in all the TV Tower is worth a visit either for the amazing view or the dinner time which I would rather recommend as a friends night out rather than a romantic dinner.



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