And the winner is….

So lets start with some essentials and important information right away. For years Qatar Airways has been ranked as one of the best if not THE BEST (2017) airline in the world (by World Airline Awards) so just about …now… is the moment where you gotta know that it was awesome to be flying with Qatar especially after a couple of flights with cheap fare airlines (not mentioning any names here).

So what I really wanna talk about is: What makes the difference? Why take Qatar or how about this…. if you are on one of your platforms searching for a long distance flight…. should you pay a bit more and fly Qatar Airways. (Btw. Just checked a random route and the difference is literally only 40 Euro to the cheapest flight available)

The short answer: YES! But because you might be interested why, here are a couple of pointers to the comfort level on board for both Economy and Business Class.

(Flight taken – VIE-BKK Economy and BKK VIE Business)

Qatar Economy

The boarding and handling of passengers was comfortable, friendly and fast which is if you think about it, the real start of your trip and thanks to a very well trained crew everything from the check-in to the service on board is excellent and we are not even talking about Business Class here.

Food wise – We have the classic version of “tray meals” a system that literally every airline has in economy. The chicken biryani was juicy and a better choice than the braised beef. During the flight I enjoyed a couple of Bloody Mary’s (yes I know its cliché), which were served promptly and happily.

Legroom was spacious with 32 inches and should be standard on every flight on every airline.

Movie selection – It might have been my flight only but the selection was really good with a couple of movies that were barely out of theaters.

But here are some pointers you might find interesting:

  1. If someone starts playing one of those useless 1990 games on their screen in front of them you might notice that each time they tap the screen your chair shakes – a quick reminder that he/she can use the controller might save you the headache pills later.
  2. Additionally be aware that it is almost impossible to work on a 15inch laptop if the person in front of you reclines the chair. There is just not enough space. So either bring an 11 inch laptop or just save the work for the moment you get off the plane there is enough entertainment from movies, TV shows, music, stand up, games (no not the games) and much more so you don’t get bored.
  3. The best investment for any traveler is a really good neck pillow which in combination with the moveable headrest and noise cancelling headphones will completely change the way you travel. Since that moment I can sleep on the plane even with a crying baby next to me.

By the way the last three points might be true for a lot of airlines but knowing these it will make your journey more enjoyable.

Qatar Business

It is as it always has been a delight to be able to fly business and it is something that you should look for as an option either at the airport to upgrade or if your wallet allows it just book ahead of time.

From the ultra hip lounges that serve everything from a full dinner, light snacks, drinks, salads and desserts to the charming service when they informed me to stop enjoying the lounge because I should get to the plane if I want to actually fly somewhere.

I do not need to tell you how good the service is but what you might want to know is that from the friendliness to the promptness there is no difference between Business and Economy…. they do their job brilliantly no matter where you sit.

The seat is basically a tiny home that can turn into a full bed with just the press of a button, has a huge screen for your movies, noise cancelling headphones and an on-board cook who prepares your dinner that you order from the classy menu. I enjoyed a couple of Glenfiddichs while relaxing to a movie (Thor Ragnarok) and being massaged by the chair all at the same time. The additional bag with a pajama, toiletry and perfume was a lovely touch to an amazing flight.

I love the design of the seat that gives you the feeling that you have your own personal space even though you don’t have walls and that my friends would be the only part missing from my review…. the elusive first class. But until that amazing review I wish you safe travel and as always Bon Voyage.